1969 EXTRA mod for GPL


Charles Mark, Paul Skingley, Remy Roesz, Tommie van Ostade and Stuart Bartosiak.

 This mod is named "69-extra" and uses a physics named "69-extra" and "cars69" carset.
This is to allow it to run independently without interfering with your original 69mod ( 1969 Grand Prix ) which can still be used as normal.


1.61 GB disk space

GEM+ 2.5.32 or higher version installed,
GPL full installation updated to version

both "driver textures ( and in mirrors )" boxes checked ( ticked ) in GPL graphics options or GPL may CTD.


Installing GPL 1969 EXTRA mod:

You should have these 13 tracks installed before running the installer.

name=South African Grand Prix
shortname=South African GP
displayName=Kyalami 1969

name=Brands Grand Prix
shortname=Brands GP
displayName=Brands Hatch ROC

name=Spanish Grand Prix
shortname=Spanish GP
displayName=Montjuic 1969

name=Monaco Grand Prix
shortname=Monaco GP
displayName=Monaco 1969

name=Dutch Grand Prix
shortname=Dutch GP
displayName=Zandvoort 1969

name=French Grand Prix
shortname=French GP
displayName=Charade Clermont-Ferrand 1969

name=British Grand Prix
shortname=British GP
displayName=Silverstone 1969

name=German Grand Prix
shortname=German GP
displayName=Nürburgring 1969

name=Oulton Park Gold Cup
shortname=Oulton Park
displayName=Oulton Park Gold Cup

name=Italian Grand Prix
shortname=Italian GP
displayName=Monza 1969

name=Canadian Grand Prix
shortname=Canadian GP
displayName=Mosport Park 1969

name=United States Grand Prix
shortname=U.S.A. GP
displayName=Watkins Glen Int. 1969

name=Mexican Grand Prix
shortname=Mexican GP
displayName=Mexico 1969


1/ Run the 1969mod installer.
Check the install path. The default install path is C:\Sierra\GPL. IF YOUR GPL INSTALL HAS A DIFFERENT PATH YOU MUST CHANGE THE PATH WHEN PROMPTED. 

2/ Create a player in GPL ( or use your existing 69mod player )

3/ Start gem/carsets and activate "69-extra" Make sure "69-extra" physics are selected.

4/ Select your 69mod player and select "69-extra" for the player. Check that "cars69" has been selected.

5/ Exit Gem and a gplx69.exe will be created.

Although the overall feel of the new 69mod physics remains the same, we have reduced the overall grip in the new mod which will means lap times are a little slower but closer to the real life lap times of 1969.
The same goes for the drafting/tow effect which was considered by many to be too strong in the original 69mod. So in the new mod this effect is reduced.

The Cars:
cars69 folder contains all the original cars from 69Hwng,69Lwng,69Mwng plus some new car folders.
The AI use correct cars and numbers at each track automatically.
New player number #27 because #4 is used by AI.
Player can manually select from car options to use the correct car for each championship track. The car options have descriptions.

example = M7B FR-GB-DE
The car is the Mclaren M7b used at the French GP, British GP and German GP. The pictures in the player/team info have matching descriptions

To keep things relatively simple we have restricted the amount of teams ( physics slots ) to 15.
This means that for example, all Mclaren M7 cars use the same physics slot, as do all Ferrari 312, all Matra MS80, all Lotus 49B etc.... We have also grouped all the BRM P126, P138 and P139 into one slot.

The teams ( physics slots drivable by the user ) are as follows:

slot 1 - Brabham BT26A with 3 graphic car options
slot 2 - BRM P126, P138 and P139 with 6 graphic car options
slot 3 - Lotus 63 with 2 graphic car options
slot 4 - Mclaren M7 A,B,and C with 9 graphic car options
slot 5 - Ferrari 312 with 7 graphic car options
slot 6 - Lotus 49B with 5 graphic car options
slot 7 - Matra MS80 with 5 graphic car options
slot 8 - Lotus 49 with 1 graphic car option ( driven by Attwood at Monaco )
slot 9 - Matra MS10 with 1 graphic car option ( driven by Stewart and Beltoise at Kyalami )
slot 10 - Matra MS84 with 1 graphic car option ( driven by Beltoise and Servose-Gavin )
slot 11 - Brabham BT20 with 1 graphic car option ( driven by DeKlerk at Kyalami )
slot 12 - Brabham BT24 with 1 graphic car option ( driven by Tingle at Kyalami )
slot 13 - Cooper T86B with 1 graphic car option ( driven by Elford at Monaco )
slot 14 - Eagle AAR 101 with 1 graphic car option ( driven by Pease at Mosport )
slot 15 - Mclaren M9A with 1 graphic car option ( driven by Bell at Silverstone )

If you count up the graphic car options you can see there are 45. This means 45 car folders in the "cars69" folder.

Other features:
1/ Best laps screen
The Best laps screen has been modified to show the 1969 World Championship tracks, the lap times from these tracks will be stored in your players/player name/"plax69.ini"

2/ 1969 World Championship
When using World Championship mode you now have the correct tracks for the 1969 World Championship.

3/ Newspapers
The newspapers at the end of a race have been modified to show the correct team names and a picture from 1969.
For the Championship tracks we have included individual pictures that are installed with the mod. For other tracks a generic 1969 picture is used.
To add other 1969 pictures to other tracks add a bwpic69.pbf to the track folder.

4/ Program covers
Program covers are now mod specific. The programs for the 1969 Championship tracks plus Brands race of Champions ( Brands67 ) and Oulton Park Gold Cup are installed with the mod.
These will only be shown only when using 1969mod.
To add 1969 mod specific program covers to other tracks, add a pageo69.pbf to the track folder.

5/ Track Records 
Fastest laps for every track are now mod specific. New record inis ( rec69.ini ) are installed with the mod for the 1969 Championship tracks. These only record lap times for 1969mod so leaving your 67 lap times untouched. 
A new record ini ( rec69.ini ) is created when you use other tracks with 69mod.

6/ Mod specific track inis and lp files
It is now possible to use mod specific track inis ( track69.ini ) and lp files ( l69 ) The track inis can be used to adjust the ai performance where needed without changing 67 etc. The lps can be used to create 69mod lp laps without effecting your originals. Some track69.inis and lps are installed with the mod. You can create your own for other tracks.
track.ini = track69.ini.
lp = l69

7/ Mod specific track graphics
Users can now create track graphics specifically for the 1969 season using one track folder.
An example of this is installed with the mod for Brands67. The makers of Brands67 included an option for adding the Lucas building at Paddock and the Dunlop bridge before Druids which were added to the track in 1968. These are now only seen using 1969mod but not seen if using 67 GPL.

To use your own 3do, mips, srb or trk for extra track graphics that are specific to 1969, rename the file extensions to:
3DO = 369
mip = m69
srb = s69
trk = t69
Place your 1969 specific graphics into the track, these will only be seen using 69mod.

We Recommend these fantastic Mod Specific Track updates:



8/ Default setups
The default car setups are specific to 69mod so giving the user a basic usable setup to start with.
The default setups for the Championship tracks are by Steve Cloyd. For other tracks there is a 69mod generic default setup.

9/ AI Improvements
The AI now select wings suitable for tracks and also use the slipstreaming effect.
The passing of backmarkers has also been improved.
These new features combine to increase the fun and excitement when racing the AI. 


1/ Because graphics for the cars have to change for each race, it is advisable to exit GPL after completing a race and reload before the next race.

2/ With so many cars to load you can expect load times to be longer.

3/ For online racing
GPL can only remember your last car option choice, and graphic options cannot be selected via iGor, so.... when you are in chat before an online race and you want to select the historically correct car graphics options for the track you are racing, you must first start GPL offline and select the car graphics options you want from the list and exit. Now, when you start the online race via iGor you will have the car you selected offline provided you select the same slot in iGor that you selected offline.

If you run the same race online more than once with the same car/slot, the previous car graphics option is still in place so you can just race.

The graphics you see for other online competitors will depend on what car graphics they have selected.
So, if everyone in the race takes the steps outlined above then your online race will "look" historically correct as far as graphic options.



This software is freeware ( i.e. non commercial use )

No part may be distributed on any media ( such as CD Rom or Diskette ) for which money is charged nor on media distributed with ( for example ) a magazine for which money is charged without the authors permission

This software is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, You use at your own risk.

No updates to the GPL69 mod may be posted for SIX MONTHS after the initial release of the component updated ,
unless prior permission is given by me.

No Conversions to other sim platforms should be undertaken unless prior permission is given by me.



Previously hosted by Bill Cooper @ BCSims
Now hosted by Stefan Roess @ GPLWORLD

( 374 MB ) requires 1.61 GB disk space 
click the picture to d/l

NOTE! Some users may be given a warning by the installer that says Disc Indexing is OFF. If Disc Indexing is On, leave it turned ON.


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